Process Project: Group Crit

In the end I came to the conclusion that I wanted people to feel my work and so I purchased some other painting materials that would provide more textural contrast.

However, after talking with tutors and other students I reflected upon my work and thought about how when I was making these textures I really liked the sounds that the paint and the brushed themselves made. This influenced the next step in my project…recording the sounds of painting.

As I created more and more textured samples I recorded the sounds that were made whilst I was making them. I have never worked with sound but I thought that I would experiment to see what outcomes I came up with.

I took these sound clips into Adobe Audition and edited them so that they were more ‘comfortable’ to listen to. Some of the original clips had such variated in decibels that I found that it hurt my ears to listen to it and I didn’t want to produce this kind of uncomfortable experience for this project.

After experimenting with layering and altering the sounds I wanted to try and combine them with the textures panels themselves. It was only as I tried to do this that I realised that they really didn’t work together. I found that they were too distracting to the other.

That’s when I made the big decision to only show the sound clip for my final piece. Reflection upon my group crit showed that this was the best thing to do. The other students commented on how they liked the piece and how it was refreshing to see a final outcome in a different media. Most of the people who listened to my piece listened until the end and many of them had smiles on their faces that kept on growing as the piece developed. This was amazing to see and has inspired me to use this technique in the future.


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