Drawing workshop: drawing machines

This was a one day workshop exploring the idea of getting a machine or multiple machines to create our art work. This could have been bodily appendages or machines that worked in their own right.

I was worried initially because I have no idea how to create a motor or similar. However, it soon became clear that that really didn’t matter. In fact, we were able to make some very interesting machines with very few and simple components.

Initially I was inspired by Rebecca Horn’s work where she created bodily appendages. I created my own version of her mask by putting sewing pins through an existing mask. This created a very scary outcome, more than I was anticipating, and I loved it.

Then came the practical task of trying to make some art with it. This, did not go as well as I had hoped. I had to be very careful to not poke my eyes out and overall it didn’t really work because I couldn’t get enough ink to transfer from the pins onto the paper.

So, I started work on plan 2. I had bought in an easel and decided to do some collision work where by I attached 2 mini buckets of watered down acrylic paint to the easel and let them collide together. The paint needed to be watered down or else it wouldn’t spill onto the paper.

I used red and blue paint because I thought that this would provide reasonable contrast. After we had a crit it turned out that these colours actually reminded people of magnets and how opposite ends attract, which with the motion of the buckets colliding was pretty accurate. I recorded my work photographically and with some slow motion videos which allowed you to see the collision right before your eyes.


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