Trip to Dapdune Wharf

We had been told about an opportunity that has opened with the National Trust at their site Dapdune Wharf in the centre of Guildford. The National Trust wants to include more contemporary art into their sites and so this was a huge opportunity for us to possibly be able to input our own creative practices.

At first I was a little apprehensive, I have never thought about my work being outside or in an area of such great importance, but I thought that I would go along for the ride and see if anything happened to inspire me once I got there.

Amazingly, it did! I loved the buildings and especially the barge. I was stunned by how quickly and easily I started to come up with some ideas on what I would like to do with the site. The barge I could see as being the perfect home to a light and sound installation, taking influences from the projection work that I have been doing over the last couple of weeks.

We were also told about the need for attracting new visitors to the area and one of the main things that struck me was that there so called ‘cafe’ really wasn’t a cafe at all, and I thought that even if they put a lovely cafe in there it would attract more people including dog walkers who walk along the waterway.

For this proposed cafe, after walking around and photographing the site I felt would sit perfectly on the island. This way as you sat drinking your coffee you would have lovely views of the waterways and Guildford. I can imagine it being circular with a panoramic glass view, this way the sunrises and the sun sets can all be enjoyed from the comfort of the cafe.

I hope to keep developing on from these ideas and propose some of them to the National Trust.


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