Place Project 3

So after the visit to UCA Canterbury I was inspired to take my project to a new direction, projections!

Initially I projected existing photographs of places that I had onto walls, ceilings and corners. The whole process was a lot easier the second time around, but I wanted to push myself further. Just projecting images onto the wall felt too flat, I wanted more depth and animation to my work.

That’s when I had the thought about creating a structure to project onto initially. It turned out that I actually preferred to project into this structure. It reminded me of a house and so it instantly seemed to bring my work alive by making the audience crawl into a small space in order to view my art.

I spent ages sitting in that ‘hidey hole’ because I felt so safe in there, it was then that I realised what I wanted to create. A ‘Safe Place’.

I set to work on creating different textures that I could use to project into my ‘house’ and adapting the structure to make it feel as safe as possible. For this I bought several flat double bed sheets and stapled them onto the inside and outside of the structure. Initially this was because I wanted a white space to work in and this seemed like a quick and easy way to achieve this.

It was only after I started putting the sheets up that I realised that it reminded me of being a child and hiding under the covers or making dens. This instantly gave my project a more reminiscing feel about it and further cemented the feeling of safety that I felt in there and consequently that other people felt.

I happened to find a christmassy scent – apple and cinnamon – which I decided to try with my project to see what it added. This was a gamble, but it paid off. I was trying to create a space that was as sensory calming as possible and after the crit it appeared that everyone felt that when they went in there and were confronted with all of these stimuli on a personal 1:1 level.


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