UCA Canterbury Trip

Today I went with some other students from UCA Farnham to visit UCA Canterbury to look at the Fine Art Degree course.

I was impressed by the amount of space that there was for the Fine Art students to work in and the creativity that was unravelling in them. As a way of getting to know our way around the site we were set a mini project. This was to create a projection showing tight crops of parts of the students works.

At first this seemed really daunting, I had never worked with projections, I didn’t even know where to begin. However, we got into pairs and just stated to photograph bits of the students work, my partner and I decided to concentrate a colour theme. In our case it was the colour blue.

Once we had all collected our images we were guided to a computer room where we were shown how to use Adobe Pro in order to combine the images ready to be projected.

Whilst this was a very quick project, I feel that I learn a lot. I was able to see out my first projection which was based on the ceiling to mirror the skylights. I was so pleased with the final outcome, and combined with the colour theme I felt instantly relaxed when watching out piece.



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