Place Project 1

Brief: You are required to make a body of work based on the ideas you develop from a starting point of place.

To start off this project I decided that I was going to look for things around my home to provide me with initial inspiration. This turned out to be a collection of postage stamps that were from my great granddad.

There were many stamps from all around the world and this to me seemed perfect for a project about place because I could explore different places around the world through the medium of stamps.

I got really engrossed in cutting out the little figures and animals depicted on the stamps such that they stood up to become more 3 dimensional characters. To me this symbolised play and exploration.

However, after a little while I became stumped, I was finding it almost impossible to find a way of developing on from this. I feel that this was largely because the stamps themselves were so beautiful in their own right that it seemed wrong to alter them in any drastic manor. It was also extremely hard to ‘improve’ something that I found so well executed.


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