Amsterdam Trip 3

Here it ends…I could have spent weeks and weeks in Amsterdam and still I wouldn’t have seen everything that there is to see.

Over the past week we have visited many of the larger museums in and around Amsterdam, but I have to say that it is often the smaller galleries that I personally find most intriguing. It’s in these little treasure troves that you can find the work of up and coming artists, some of whom i’m sure we shall be chanting their names in years to come.

I’ve loved being in a new city, even if it’s only been for a short while. It’s been so exciting and full on, i’m sure that I haven’t taken everything on board yet and that it will just creep back into my mind little by little as the year goes on.

If i’ve learnt one thing on this trip it’s that it doesn’t matter if my work doesn’t look perfect to me, because its just about recording my journey, and the journey itself is more important to me. The challenging of character that I have endured in the past week has put me in a far stronger position to stand by my own work and to keep creating.


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