UCA Canterbury Trip

Today I went with some other students from UCA Farnham to visit UCA Canterbury to look at the Fine Art Degree course.

I was impressed by the amount of space that there was for the Fine Art students to work in and the creativity that was unravelling in them. As a way of getting to know our way around the site we were set a mini project. This was to create a projection showing tight crops of parts of the students works.

At first this seemed really daunting, I had never worked with projections, I didn’t even know where to begin. However, we got into pairs and just stated to photograph bits of the students work, my partner and I decided to concentrate a colour theme. In our case it was the colour blue.

Once we had all collected our images we were guided to a computer room where we were shown how to use Adobe Pro in order to combine the images ready to be projected.

Whilst this was a very quick project, I feel that I learn a lot. I was able to see out my first projection which was based on the ceiling to mirror the skylights. I was so pleased with the final outcome, and combined with the colour theme I felt instantly relaxed when watching out piece.



Place Project 2

After a personal visit to The Sculpture Park in Farnham I wanted to implement some of the ideas that I had gathered as a result of the visit.

The main ‘theme’ that I came up with from my visit was ‘mark making in the landscape’. I decided to have a quick experiment with this to see what sort of things I could come up with.

I decided that one of the easiest things to try out was to take sharpies out into my garden and colour or add details to natural things that I found.

It was actually surprisingly fun to colour items such as leaves and pinecones as well as parts of trees. I think that as an experimental technique it was successful even if I didn’t really like any of the final outcomes themselves.

Place Project 1

Brief: You are required to make a body of work based on the ideas you develop from a starting point of place.

To start off this project I decided that I was going to look for things around my home to provide me with initial inspiration. This turned out to be a collection of postage stamps that were from my great granddad.

There were many stamps from all around the world and this to me seemed perfect for a project about place because I could explore different places around the world through the medium of stamps.

I got really engrossed in cutting out the little figures and animals depicted on the stamps such that they stood up to become more 3 dimensional characters. To me this symbolised play and exploration.

However, after a little while I became stumped, I was finding it almost impossible to find a way of developing on from this. I feel that this was largely because the stamps themselves were so beautiful in their own right that it seemed wrong to alter them in any drastic manor. It was also extremely hard to ‘improve’ something that I found so well executed.

Person Project 3

Ultimately for this project I decided to create some drawings that incorporated the shapes and the colours that people associated with them.

I feel that for this project I got more out of the process to which I came to my final result rather that the actual result itself. As voiced by the group in the crit, the final piece wasn’t actually very obvious and it was clear that it could have had many different meanings and so in the future I shall try and narrow this down and have more control over my own work.


Amsterdam Trip 3

Here it ends…I could have spent weeks and weeks in Amsterdam and still I wouldn’t have seen everything that there is to see.

Over the past week we have visited many of the larger museums in and around Amsterdam, but I have to say that it is often the smaller galleries that I personally find most intriguing. It’s in these little treasure troves that you can find the work of up and coming artists, some of whom i’m sure we shall be chanting their names in years to come.

I’ve loved being in a new city, even if it’s only been for a short while. It’s been so exciting and full on, i’m sure that I haven’t taken everything on board yet and that it will just creep back into my mind little by little as the year goes on.

If i’ve learnt one thing on this trip it’s that it doesn’t matter if my work doesn’t look perfect to me, because its just about recording my journey, and the journey itself is more important to me. The challenging of character that I have endured in the past week has put me in a far stronger position to stand by my own work and to keep creating.

Person Project 2

After doing some research into the use of colour and the effect that it has on us, I decided to carry out my own experiment as part of this project.

I took the elements of colour and shape separately and composed my own surveys in which to find out more about these elements.

It was really interesting to see this experiment being carried out because at first people assumed that it was a test. However, once I explained that there  were no right and wrong answers people were far more willing to engage and I obtained some very interesting results.



Amsterdam Trip 2

We have had a really busy couple of days. The amount of museums that I have been to in the last couple of days is beyond comprehension! Having said that, each museum is individual and provides its own set of influences and inspiration.

Amsterdam is a busy little city, and the cyclists are giving me heart attacks, I feel like i’m going to be run over any second. However, the city is so pretty, I love the waterways and the bridges, the weather has been beautiful and so the reflections of the houses on the water have provided excellent photography opportunities.

It’s also been good fun to go back to the hostel in the evenings and reflect on the days activities with staff and students alike. The variety of material that different people have produced has been very inspirational in its own right.