Museum Day

Brief: Invent a false history about a photograph of a stranger. Construct a narrative around this person’s life; then create a series of artefacts, images and evidence to tell this fictional history.

This one day project was a group project and required a good amount of imagination. At first, we all looked at the material that we had gathered and we were quite confused as to how we could possibly put any of it together in some ‘fictional’ story.

However, after much discussion and brain storming we started to piece bits of information together. Once we had got the ball rolling everything seemed to fit into place. We had found an image of a young girl and we imagined that she had grown up into the other image which was of an older lady.

We picked up on the common colour theme which was red and decided to play with this. With the use of a timeline and physical items I feel that we were able to create a successful and somewhat believable narrative. Not something which I would ordinarily feel that I would have been able to do!



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