Assemblage Day

This one day workshop was designed to engage us with the idea of exploring ourselves as a means of inspiration for our work.

The brief was to produce an assemblage exploring your sense of self, focussing on the use of materials that hold significance to yourself.

Initially I just collected items that I had at home from places that i’d been, or things that I had been given. I put together a small piece combining these items, but in the end I decided that I hadn’t really created a piece that represented myself. Whilst I had collected items personal to myself, I hadn’t really produced a final outcome with this same meaning.

Therefore, I decided to revisit the brief and essentially start again to see what else I could come up with. This is when I discovered a lot of different coloured paint chips that I had collected, I started to write down what each colour meant to me and arranged them on the wall.

This became a ‘tree’ of colours which directly showed what each colour meant to me. I feel that this was a far more fitting response to the brief because it was a very personal outcome.



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