Fourth Rotation: Fashion and Textiles

Brief overview: to create a ‘hybrid tribe’ from two existing tribes.

Initial panic: I was afraid that because I couldn’t sew very well that this project was going to be a disaster!

Panic over: much of this project was actually paper based, and I was able to pin together clothing in order to come to a final outcome with my partner.

Chosen tribes to combine: Lolita and Steampunk

We chose these tribes to combine because they are both very different to each other and so that gave us a lot of material to work with.

Our initial task was to create a mood board using found images and materials. By being persuaded to use various materials as well as images I found this process a lot more inspiring than I might otherwise have done.

We then drew out some initial sketches do get some of our initial ideas onto the page. We decided that we were going to focus on the hat being our main ‘personalised’ accessory for this project.

After the sketches we then went hunting for clothes that we could use in our outfit for our hybrid tribe. We then experimented with layering and combing these with the use of mannequins.

Finally, we got to put together and model our final outfits and we then spent the day sketching our model wearing our outfit using various techniques.

Overall I feel that this was a successful outcome for this project because I felt that the final outfit clearly represented both of the tribes that we were combining. I do feel that with more time we could have produced and even better outcome, more closely combining the tribes as with this outcome they still looked quite separated. 


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