Third Rotation: Moving Image 

Brief: To come up with 8-12 images exploring the work key.

This was a group project where we initially mind mapped everything and anything that we could think I could somehow relate to the word key.

We tried to push our ideas as far as we could so that we came up with something more original rather than just sticking with the initial ideas such as a physical key which could become dull as it has been done many times before. 

My group came up with the key concept that money can’t buy happiness. 

We went out and shot some photographs of the group representing two people. One was well pain but unhappy, the other had little money but was considerably happier.

All in all I feel that we did a reasonably good job at portraying the two different people considering we had limited time and resources. It would have been nice to have done the shoot elsewhere rather than on campus but we had to use what we had.

Brief 2: To create a group animation exploring ways of morphing objects into each other

Initially I was very apprehensive about this task because I do not consider myself able to draw. Therefore, the idea of drawing imaginary morphs did not come naturally to me. However, as with everything I remained as open minded as I could and in the end I even started to enjoy it. 

It was surprising how much fun it actually was to do. Then when we put the drawings onto the computer to create the animations it was amazing how well they actually worked which you could on,y imagine as you were drawing the objects. This was so rewarding and I think that everyone was a lot happier with the end result than they thought that they were going to be. 


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