Museum Day

Brief: Invent a false history about a photograph of a stranger. Construct a narrative around this person’s life; then create a series of artefacts, images and evidence to tell this fictional history.

This one day project was a group project and required a good amount of imagination. At first, we all looked at the material that we had gathered and we were quite confused as to how we could possibly put any of it together in some ‘fictional’ story.

However, after much discussion and brain storming we started to piece bits of information together. Once we had got the ball rolling everything seemed to fit into place. We had found an image of a young girl and we imagined that she had grown up into the other image which was of an older lady.

We picked up on the common colour theme which was red and decided to play with this. With the use of a timeline and physical items I feel that we were able to create a successful and somewhat believable narrative. Not something which I would ordinarily feel that I would have been able to do!



Assemblage Day

This one day workshop was designed to engage us with the idea of exploring ourselves as a means of inspiration for our work.

The brief was to produce an assemblage exploring your sense of self, focussing on the use of materials that hold significance to yourself.

Initially I just collected items that I had at home from places that i’d been, or things that I had been given. I put together a small piece combining these items, but in the end I decided that I hadn’t really created a piece that represented myself. Whilst I had collected items personal to myself, I hadn’t really produced a final outcome with this same meaning.

Therefore, I decided to revisit the brief and essentially start again to see what else I could come up with. This is when I discovered a lot of different coloured paint chips that I had collected, I started to write down what each colour meant to me and arranged them on the wall.

This became a ‘tree’ of colours which directly showed what each colour meant to me. I feel that this was a far more fitting response to the brief because it was a very personal outcome.


Person Project 1

Brief: Taking the starting point of person, think about what ideas you would like to explore. Bear in mind that we are complex individuals with many facets to our characters. In this project you should seek to go beyond straight forward portraiture and challenge traditional forms of representation. EXPERIMENT WITH MATERIAL.

As an initial starting point for this project I have decided to use some existing self portrait images and experiment with adding colour to them in various ways.

Initially I just put some relatively thin layers of paint over photocopies. This worked to some extent, but I didn’t find it particularly exciting because it didn’t have a lot of depth to it.

It was then that I thought about putting the paint on acetate versions of the photographs. I had no idea how this was going to turn out but I was pleasantly surprised by the result.


Fifth and final rotation: Vis Com

Brief overview: to end up with 2 A3 type and image final outcomes to represent our chosen system.

Problems faced: trying to find found imagery from fashion magazines to relate to my chosen system-language

How I countered the problem: I chose found images that were more conceptually linked to my chosen system rather than directly linked. Eg. I chose images with concentrated patterns to represent the form of language rather than language itself.

Our first task was to create 4 typographic outcomes related to our systems using typefaces provided to us and by using specific techniques for each of the boxes. This was good because it forced me to experiment rather than stick to what I knew would work. Adding just a little bit of colour I felt really enhanced what the word was trying to communicate.
The second task was image based. This meant that we had to find a fashion magazine and create some collages. Again, we were directed in how to complete these tasks in ways that I might not have otherwise manipulated my work resulting in some more visually interesting outcomes.  
We then created 3 2D collages on a large piece of paper to relate to our chosen system. I found this very hard because I wasn’t able to include type in my work and my whole system was essentially about type, but I found lateral ways around this which weren’t necessarily clear in the final outcomes but it enabled me to develop problem solving skills around communication and limited materials.

We were then asked to create a 3D collage. At first I was very confused about how to make any of my work into a 3D collage. I spent a long time playing around with materials and not being happy with any of the outcomes. In the end I decided to really push myself and try to make a 3D collage without too much prior planning. This meant that my collage developed more as I made it. In the end I was quite pleased with my final outcome, I’d managed to solve a problem and although I don’t think it reflects particularly well of my system I feel that I was able to successfully produce a visually interesting prototype final outcome.

Finally, we had to gather all of the work that we had done over the last few days in order to create 2 A3 final pieces. Normally at A Level I would have had a long time to work on something like this so only having a few hours was a real challenge for me. I like to take my time and produce a really refined final outcome but I had to complete,y change my working strategy for this project in order to fulfill the timings of the brief. 
Overall, I was really pleased with my final outcomes considering the limitation of time that I had to complete them in. Again, I don’t think that I best represented my system through my work but I ended up with 2 very visually interesting final outcomes. Although I may not have perfectly fulfilled the brief I am very pleased with how I was able to find ways around problems that I encountered during this rotation.

Fourth Rotation: Fashion and Textiles

Brief overview: to create a ‘hybrid tribe’ from two existing tribes.

Initial panic: I was afraid that because I couldn’t sew very well that this project was going to be a disaster!

Panic over: much of this project was actually paper based, and I was able to pin together clothing in order to come to a final outcome with my partner.

Chosen tribes to combine: Lolita and Steampunk

We chose these tribes to combine because they are both very different to each other and so that gave us a lot of material to work with.

Our initial task was to create a mood board using found images and materials. By being persuaded to use various materials as well as images I found this process a lot more inspiring than I might otherwise have done.

We then drew out some initial sketches do get some of our initial ideas onto the page. We decided that we were going to focus on the hat being our main ‘personalised’ accessory for this project.

After the sketches we then went hunting for clothes that we could use in our outfit for our hybrid tribe. We then experimented with layering and combing these with the use of mannequins.

Finally, we got to put together and model our final outfits and we then spent the day sketching our model wearing our outfit using various techniques.

Overall I feel that this was a successful outcome for this project because I felt that the final outfit clearly represented both of the tribes that we were combining. I do feel that with more time we could have produced and even better outcome, more closely combining the tribes as with this outcome they still looked quite separated. 

Third Rotation: Moving ImageĀ 

Brief: To come up with 8-12 images exploring the work key.

This was a group project where we initially mind mapped everything and anything that we could think I could somehow relate to the word key.

We tried to push our ideas as far as we could so that we came up with something more original rather than just sticking with the initial ideas such as a physical key which could become dull as it has been done many times before. 

My group came up with the key concept that money can’t buy happiness. 

We went out and shot some photographs of the group representing two people. One was well pain but unhappy, the other had little money but was considerably happier.

All in all I feel that we did a reasonably good job at portraying the two different people considering we had limited time and resources. It would have been nice to have done the shoot elsewhere rather than on campus but we had to use what we had.

Brief 2: To create a group animation exploring ways of morphing objects into each other

Initially I was very apprehensive about this task because I do not consider myself able to draw. Therefore, the idea of drawing imaginary morphs did not come naturally to me. However, as with everything I remained as open minded as I could and in the end I even started to enjoy it. 

It was surprising how much fun it actually was to do. Then when we put the drawings onto the computer to create the animations it was amazing how well they actually worked which you could on,y imagine as you were drawing the objects. This was so rewarding and I think that everyone was a lot happier with the end result than they thought that they were going to be.