Second Rotation: Fine Art

Brief: To create a final piece on the initial ‘theme’ of traces

Initial ideas: footprints, fingerprints, hair, animal prints, litter, handwriting, mirrors, time-lapse etc…

Whilst I was able to come up with lots of initial ideas this is where I encountered problem 1.

Problem 1: Come up with an ORIGINAL idea

At first, this seemed almost impossible. It felt like everything that I could possible think of had been done before. This was when I realised that I needed to approach the task in a different manor in order to come up with some more inspiration ideas.

Ordinarily I like to have a design all planned out before hand so I know exactly where I am going. However, on this occasion I decided to make the most of my time and experiment. That meant using materials and processes in ways that I hadn’t done before. 

My first experimentations included using charcoal to do some rubbings of the painted surfaces on the work tables. This resulted in some very abstract pieces but I couldn’t see how to use it initially so I moved on. The next process I wanted to breakdown was to use acetate and marks. I used the main markings from the rubbings to trace onto the acetate which I then projected onto myself. I soon found out that there wasn’t nearly enough detail on these pieces to make anything interesting. 

Whilst I was thinking about what to do next I began to break down my work and notice what I was doing. Ultimately I decided that I wanted to physically break down the process of drawing. I was also listening to everything that was going on around me and produced some drawings to represent this. To break down drawing I drew out the basic structures and forms that are used within the drawing process which I think was conceptually very interesting but I became stuck again so I decided to look at my work again and revise my plan.

I decided to look at some quotations for some additional inspiration in order to come to a final outcome. One quote that I found was “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” To me this seemed perfect to use in my final outcome because it suggested that there was a trace of childlike play inside all of us and that as we group up this becomes hidden in most of us and needs to be explored. 

For my final outcome I decided to do a 3 piece MDF wall hanging painting. The bright colours were to represent child’s play whilst the quote was painted in a traditional typeface representative of the businesslike world that we grow up to be in.

Overall I was really pleased with my final outcome and I feel that some of the ideas I touched on whilst coming to this outcome could be really interesting to unpack and explore further another time. 



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