First rotation: 3D design

Title: Counter Crisis

Brief: to produce a 3D outcome in response to a crisis.

When I was first set this brief it seemed simple enough to think of ‘normal’ crisis events such as drought or earthquakes. But I wanted to go further than this, I was very much interested in the type of crisis that isn’t necessarily plastered all over our tv screens.

As I began my research into other designers who had made a 3D response in response to a crisis I discovered that there hadn’t been much that had been developed for people who have got emotional disabilities or other such disabilities that don’t require them to be in a wheelchair or have help to physically move around.

One such design that caught my eye was for a building that was specifically designed for deaf or partially deaf people. This design enabled the person to communicate with those around them more easily by having an open plan design with transparent partitions between the rooms so that they can easily have eye contact with everyone at all times.

On a similar not I came up with some disabilities that I felt were in crisis and tried to think about what I could design in order to best help them in their crisis.

Ultimately I came up with the crisis that is that people with limited mobility or autistic people specifically often struggle to feed themselves. This is because they struggle with the physical movement or co ordination that is needed in order to cut up food in a traditional manor.

Therefore, I decided to design a converter for regular knives that converted them into motorised knives which could be used in any environment and were each to hold and use.

My final prototype was no where near as refined as I would have liked it to have been however I felt that I had managed to get my idea into the physical world and on paper.


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