Group project 3

Our 3rd group project was very much a continuation of project 2 in that we went on a journey and came to our final outcome. 

However, this project was quite interesting because we essentially had to approach the same resources in a different way to come to a different outcome. 

Once again we went back to the drawing board and discussed our individual skills and ideas. We decided as a group that we wanted to make a 3D piece with different layers that led you into the distance in the form of a box shape.

Initially the group were trying to do everything by memory, but personally I find it very hard to work like that and I much prefer to have something to work from. As the groups ideas were limited I went out with some of the other group members to record the environment once again but this time with a clear idea of what we wanted to produce as our final outcome.

Upon returning to the studio the images helped a lot in enabling us to start drawing out the basics for the final design. We were able to focus on scale and key elements of the surroundings in a lot more detail than we would have otherwise been able to.

Again, those that were more physically skilled cut out the physical piece, but those that weren’t contributed in other ways such as drawing the areas to cut out and laying out the logistics of making a 3D piece.

Our final outcome was then presented in the studio as it would have been in a gallery for the rest of the year to come and see.

Overall, I feel that our piece was very original but also striking in the sense that you felt as though you could almost walk into the piece itself.



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