Group project 2

Our second group project involved us going on a journey together around the local area, recording it in whichever way we wanted and then coming back to the studio to produce a final outcome. 

Our initial plan was to go out as a group and to record the journey individually in ways that we wanted to. I chose to photograph the journey as did another member of the group but we photographed completely different things. The other members of the group decided to do similar versions of rubbings of different things that we found on our journey.

Whilst we were out exploring the area we happened to find our own little interests that we wanted to record individually and we didn’t particularly think about the final outcome. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing though.

Upon returning to the studio we gathered our recordings and decided on how we were going to put them together as a final piece. 

As it turned out, one member of the group had photographed a typology of doors which we collectively decided would make a suitable background for our piece. We then tried to think of ways in which we could incorporate the rubbings or in some way represent them in the final outcome. 

Ultimately we decided to use acrylic paint to represent the rubbings as the rubbings themselves were too small to do anything with on their own. We decided to layer these acrylic marks over the top of the photographs of the doors. 

Whilst we were doing this one member of the group started to draw silhouettes over the top of their rubbings to which we then decided that as the final element we should have some silhouettes of varying sizes on top of the piece to create a sense of depth and reality. 

In the end we were relatively pleased with our outcome given the short amount of time and the lack of direction that we had at the start of the journey.



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