Revealing our summer holiday work

After spending the summer stressing myself out about how ‘good’ my summer project work was going to be the day of revelation arrived. 

We were required to take a piece of found artwork and improve it. At first this was quite daunting but the more I sat down and mulled it over the more ideas I got. My final piece was of some cottages which I had improved by adding physical, natural materials to the image and defining areas with the use of pen in order to create more depth within the work. 

Our second summer project was to go on a journey for 4 hours and to record what was around us. 

For this project I took a journey around a town called Tenby in Wales. I had to walk for 10 minutes and then stop for 10 minutes whilst I recorded my journey and retrieved some found objects.

My final project took the form of 12 pen drawings that I did on small postcard sized pieces of paper because they were most portable. I also retrieved 12 found objects from the different locations that I stopped at along my journey.

This is just a couple of photographs of some of the drawings that I did on my journey.


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