Group project 1

Our first group project required us to use the improved artwork that we had completed for project 1 during the summer.
We had to discuss as a group what common ground we could find between the artwork and how they could be linked together to create a narrative.
At first this seemed pretty simple, we all had some form of nature in our work. However, we were then challenged to find a more in depth common thread between the work and this proved to be much harder. We sat for ages looking at each other and the work and thinking how on earth can we link these together.
Eventually, after a little persuasion we started to physically move the pieces of work around on the table and we started to physically draw links between the different pieces.
This act of physically moving and writing down ideas helped a lot to pick up the momentum of the group project.
Finally, after a lot of moving around and the all important inclusion of some other drawings and paintings we came to our final outcome.

Perhaps with more time we could have come to a more refined outcome but this is what we were able to produce in the time available.


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