Induction week introductory tasks

Induction week was rather challenging and yet fun at the same time. 

We had to sit in a circle and complete a task similar to that of speed dating. However, whilst talking to and getting to know the other person we also had to draw a portrait of them using only a graphite stick and cartridge paper.

Challenge 1: I do not believe in my own ability to draw

Challenge 2: It’s simply scary to meet new people

Upon reflection of the task it became apparent that my own lack in self confidence was common across the whole class. We kept apologising to each other for how ‘bad’ our drawings were of them. In the end we had to put all of our drawings onto the wall and look at everyone’s work, I think it was safe to say the majority of people were somewhat surprised at how similar some drawings were. Which helped us to gain confidence in our own work.


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